Why choose TRINITY Medical Imaging?

Our technology

Our nuclear medicine scans are performed using a state of the art SPECT-CT scanner. This type of scanner combines images acquired from the radiopharmaceutical with a CT (or CAT) scan. A CT scan uses X-rays to produce three-dimensional images of the body, and provides extremely accurate anatomical imaging.

By combining the detailed anatomical imaging from the CT with the functional information from the radiopharmaceutical, we can give doctors an unparalleled insight into the disease processes in the body.

At Trinity Medical Imaging we enhance the patient experience by completing multiple exams in a single visit and single instances on the scanner bed.

A better experience

At Trinity Medical Imaging we understand that most people are frightened and anxious when they attend for a scan. We believe that anxiety can be reduced at each interaction, by providing attentive care and the proper information.

We believe good healthcare should be people-centric and that there is a value beyond medical and technical expertise. Our scanning environment must be psychologically supportive and instil a sense of well-being.

Our scanning experience integrates technology including dynamic lighting, projection and sound, to create an engaging, and multi-sensorial environment. We believe it brings comfort to an otherwise stressful time and seeks to alleviate your anxiety.


At Trinity Medical Imaging we understand that healthcare professionals can make a difference when we work together. We ensure that your scan and its report are sent securely and quickly to your doctor, so that you will be able to make the best decisions about your health needs.

The Image Exchange Portal (IEP) is a national service which enables the safe and secure transfer of PACS held images across a national network.

Soliton IT established a partnership with solutions developer aycan to offer combined RIS and PACS applications. It is a healthcare-targeted solution, and designed, supplied and installed Radiology Information Systems (RIS) into UK NHS Trusts, clinics, teaching centres and private hospitals.

Trinity Medical Imaging