About TRINITY Medical Imaging

Trinity Medical Imaging is one of the foremost providers of private nuclear medicine imaging in London and Surrey. We work with some of the finest nuclear medicine consultants from a wide variety of specialist fields, attracted from London's major teaching hospitals.

At Trinity Medical Imaging we specialise in hybrid imaging with SPECT-CT, and our facility leads the way for SPECT-CT services in the area.

What is Nuclear medicine?

Nuclear medicine scans

Specialist Consultants & tecnologies

Why choose TRINITY Medical Imaging

  • Our state-of-the-art technology
  • Expert staff
  • A better experience

Our technology

Our nuclear medicine scans are performed using a state of the art SPECT-CT scanner. This type of scanner combines images acquired from the radiopharmaceutical with a CT (or CAT) scan. A CT scan uses X-rays to produce three-dimensional images of the body, and provides extremely accurate anatomical imaging.

A better experience

At Trinity Medical Imaging we understand that most people are frightened and anxious when they attend for a scan. We believe that anxiety can be reduced at each interaction, by providing attentive care and the proper information.


At Trinity Medical Imaging we understand that healthcare professionals can make a difference when we work together. We ensure that your scan and its report are sent securely and quickly to your doctor, so that you will be able to make the best decisions about your health needs.

  • Placing patients as our top priority
  • Providing excellence in practice
  • Maintaining respect and dignity for patients and staff
  • Increasing accountability, openness and trust
  • Striving to continuously improve the quality of our care

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