how to get results

At Trinity Medical Imaging we are committed to providing a high quality service with a fast turnaround time for imaging requests.

We will use SMS through your mobile phone to notify you of when your patient’s appointment is, so that you can schedule a follow-up consultation.

When your patient has had their scan, and the report is available to be reviewed, you will be sent an SMS notification and encrypted email which will allow you to download the report securely.

Trinity Medical Imaging is connected to all NHS hospitals and most private hospitals using the Image Exchange Portal. If you require images to be sent to you, then we will send them to the hospital that you specify on the request form using the Image Exchange Portal. You can then review the images and report on your PACS.

Private patients will also be given images and reports on an encrypted CD or USB drive which they can bring along to their consultation.

Images and reports for NHS patients will usually be transmitted directly to the NHS organisation requesting the scan and will be available to review on PACS.

Trinity Medical Imaging